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Exacta’s final survey product is unique to the land surveying industry.

Our use of state-of-the-art technology in the field and office combined with our proprietary STARS software gives Exacta our competitive edge to deliver accurate and reliable surveys when you expect it.

Exacta’s surveys are detailed reports that show exactly where your boundary lines are and accurately depict all structures, outbuildings and fences on or near your property.

The drawings are clean, concise and easy-to-understand. All surveys are drawn using CAD drafting software to ensure accuracy and consistency. We also ‘red-light’ points of interest on our surveys to alert you of potential survey issues. Our maps highlight “Points of Interest” so you can quickly identify any potential encroachments or violations that concern your property.

We also provide additional features that can only be found on an Exacta survey:

Your Company Logo, Contact Info and Website prominently displayed on the survey.

  • Google location map of the surveyed property
  • Detailed legend for ease of reference
  • Laminated hard copy of the survey provided upon request.
  • Full color picture of the residence
  • PDF email delivery of survey to appropriate parties

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