Residential Survey Services

EXACTA performs several types of surveys for residential real estate transactions.

A survey’s primary purpose is to identify, describe and map the boundaries, buildings, and improvements of a parcel of land.

Here are a few of the common reasons to get a residential land survey:
  • Buying or selling a home – Obtaining a survey prior to closing brings discrepancies to light before it’s too late. If your lender or title company doesn’t require a survey, it’s up to you. As this is likely one of the biggest purchases of your life, isn’t it worth the extra money to know what you are buying?
  • Prior to exterior improvements to the property
  • Replacing or adding a fence
  • Installing a pool
  • Finding easements and right-of-way located on the property
  • Understanding flood zones for insurance needs

Survey Types for Transactional (Residential) Properties

Exacta performs several types of surveys for both residential real estate transactions and commercial purposes. Keep in mind, survey types can be used for both purposes, for example, a boundary survey may be used on a residential lot for a house closing yet it can also be used for a large commercial project.

Boundary Surveys are used to establish the true boundaries of a given property. This type of survey will illustrate the boundaries, monuments and all improvements.


Title Surveys are ordered for a loan closing on a real estate transaction. This survey illustrates the lot or tract, monuments, house location and all improvements on or near the lot or tract.

Mortgage Location Survey is typically requested by a title insurance company or mortgage lender. Depending on the state, they are usually required by title companies and lending institutions.


A FEMA Elevation Certificate is a document provided from FEMA and completed by a surveyor that informs the homeowner, title company and mortgage company of relevant elevations on the subject tract and building in relation to the floodplain.


A House Location Drawing (Ohio and Maryland) shows the location of physical improvements in relation to the property lines. A house location drawing is the only reliable way of obtaining and confirming basic information about a property.


Pool Drainage Surveys illustrate the location of a new pool in relation to the property lines, easements and the house.


Reasons for a Survey

A survey’s primary purpose is to identify, describe and map the boundaries, buildings, and improvements of a parcel of land.

The survey confirms both the property’s boundary lines as well as the associated legal description for that property. It will also include noted restrictions such as easements and when required, elevations to determine potential flood hazards.

There are many types of land surveys. Typically, they all are associated with some type of real estate transaction or local government requirement for exterior improvements to a property such as an addition to the structure or installation of a pool or fence.

In many states, a title or mortgage survey is needed when buying or selling a home. These are also more commonly needed to support buyers, sellers, title companies, lenders, attorneys, and real estate agents.

If someone has recommended a survey for your property, contact one our customer service representative to inquire about our services.

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