Closing Software Integration with Survey STARS

Exacta works hard to be an integral part of your real estate transaction team, and we do everything in our power to add value to your process.

Even though we receive orders in a large variety of ways, the vast majority of our clients log into our “Survey Tracking and Retrieval System” known as STARS in order to place, track and retrieve their surveys.

Since many closing software programs are now integrating to online server platforms, it is a natural fit to create a direct link with STARS so our clients can click a few buttons and transfer all of the information in their system directly into STARS without having to re-key anything.

Because STARS is an online database with amazing flexibility and functionality, a variety of closing software platforms are already integrated with STARS through an API or other integrated data links.

Today, STARS has created an integration with several industry leading closing platforms such as; but not limited to:

  • Closers Choice
  • Qualia
  • RamQuest
  • SoftPro

Beyond the above list of closing software platforms, Exacta STARS can be integrated with just about any real estate industry database software.  For the title closer, title processor or any other real estate professional, placing survey orders with one-click from within your current closing software is absolutely a reality of today.

If you use any of the listed systems and or would like learn more on how we can accommodate your current platform, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives.

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