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Exacta uses Survey Stars, known as STARS (Survey Tracking and Retrieval System). Developed internally, STARS is an industry leading business and operations management software which enhances and streamlines the entire survey process. Accompanied by STARS FieldApp, STARS is utilized by field crews, drafters, customer service representatives, the finance team, and the surveyor for monitoring all aspects of the survey job’s workflow through our system. From field to delivery, this web-based software enables efficient and timely delivery of all survey jobs.

STARS for the Client

STARS allows our clients to login with secure credentials to initiate and track all orders.

Features include:

  • Securely place survey orders online directly into the survey database
  • Track survey status directly from our database in real time—from research, field, drafting and approval
  • Retrieve all past survey orders placed from the archived database
  • Easily find statements of open accounts payable
  • Receive email confirmation of order placement with a specific price and turnaround period
  • Receive a SHA-1 digitally signed PDF copy of final survey the instant that the survey is completed
  • Log all communications directly into the survey file with each correspondence
  • Save their logo into their profile so it is automatically inserted onto each survey

STARS can also be integrated with a variety of title closing software platforms. For the title closer or processor this means survey orders can be placed with one click from within your current closing software. All relevant data is merged into the STARS database—no additional keystrokes, no additional time.

Read more about our closing software integration.

STARS in the Field

Exacta’s field crews are equipped with leading edge survey instruments, survey equipment, tools, and training.

Each crew has a GPS (Global Positioning System) rover connected to a RTK (Real Time Kinematic) – Real Time Kinematic Network. They also carry a prism-less total station survey instrument, and a survey calculator called a data collector. These tools enable our field teams to geographically locate survey monuments on or near each property and capture their mathematical relationship to each other.

Additionally, each crew carries a smartphone and or an internet connection device such as a tablet or laptop. They use these devices to stay connected in real time with their surveyor and other key support staff at the office. The field crew can present and receive data with the surveyor along with field pictures and video calls.

Using our proprietary software, STARS FieldApp, the crew can instantly upload all data and photos in real time directly from our cloud-based software for the next phase, drafting.

Survey Stars allows for instant delivery of survey products and invoices to clients using a SHA-1 encryption which is used to meet state regulations to authenticate our surveys.

More Technology… for the survey delivery

SHA-1 Digital Signatures

The SHA-1 is used to meet state regulations to authenticate our surveys.

Exacta uses signature dynamic technology to authenticate our surveying and mapping work product as well as other documents electronically transmitted via STARS. Exacta’s digital authentication process generates a SHA-1 Hash code that is capable of verification by our clients and other intended users of our PDF work product. This SHA-1 Hash code is unique to each of our licensed professionals and its use is under their sole control.

Each SHA-1 Hash code consists of 40 characters unique to the electronically transmitted PDF work product and the licensed professional whose signature and seal appears on them. Delivered at the same time as our PDF work product is a separate invoice document containing a 40-character SHA-1 Hash code created for and associated with that specific work product. Exacta maintains all records associated with our SHA-1 Hash code for our work product and therefore can be retrieved by logging into STARS or contacting us directly.

To authenticate Exacta’s PDF work product; simply copy the PDF into any of the many available SHA-1 Hash authentication programs available online or visit The Online MD5 and use the authentication program provided. If the 40-character codes are the same, then you know that the PDF document in your possession is properly signed, and the work product is authentic.

In the event, the SHA-1 Hash code that is emitted by using an authentication program is ever different, this means that somewhere along the way, the information contained on that PDF work product was altered; therefore, it would no longer be valid. In the end, any authenticated electronically signed PDF that you receive is far more secure than any paper document.

In certain jurisdictions the local permitting office or building department may require a raised seal copy of the work product. In those circumstances our licensed professional surveyor will be happy to print, crimp and mail a raised seal copy(s) for these purposes, additional fees may apply and your customer support representative will be happy to assist.

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