Exacta is Green

Exacta is serious about environmental awareness.

Exacta began the “Green” initiative several years ago by trading out our fleet of trucks for more fuel-efficient vehicles.  It turned out that our first green initiative to reduce our carbon footprint also became an investment.  Our ability to complete jobs without spending so much on fuel, helped us keep our costs down for our customers.

As we continued to grow, we also focused on information technology advancements, both in hardware and software. One example; by adding second and sometimes third monitors to our drafters and Professional Land Surveyor’s workstations, they have the to review documents multiple documents without printing.

Additionally, by using our web-based Survey Tracking and Retrieval System, known as STARS, our entire team works “paperless”. We complete your survey using a workflow process that is 99% paper free. Starting with the field crews being dispatched remotely by STARS notification followed by the field work being conducted without the need of field books or paper folders. The continued paperless STARS process allows for management, drafting and checking of the survey, including the electronic signature of the registered professional land surveyors. At times, a survey job can contain up to 50 pages or more of research, plats, deeds, and other pertinent documents. When applied to over 100,000 surveys a year, this is a huge impact on the paper conservation.

With the never-ending technology movement, it seems more and more aspects of the real estate industry are trying to go paperless as well.  Closing platforms are integrating with the service industries, offices and real estate agents to allow for electronic transfer and execution of documents that previously required hard copies.

Exacta will continue to embark on new ideas, technology and system workflows to reduce our carbon footprint. We are always grateful when anyone supports this same effort.

If you would like to learn more about system integrations with Exacta, please contact one our customer representatives.

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