The Star Award

The Star Award recognizes associates who exhibit world class Service. Each month, nominees are submitted to the Award Committee by fellow associates, clients or business partners.


Start Dreaming.

“The Star Award helps to create a company culture of World Class Service shared with our clients, with other team members, with our business partners and with our community.”


2 runner ups will also receive a $250 cash bonus, and an entry into the grand prize drawing.

Monthly Award Winner

The monthly winner will receive special recognition during out all-hands call, a desk award that can be displayed, a $500 cash bonus, and entry into the grand prize drawing.


Grand Prize Drawing

A trip for two, anywhere in the world – with a budget of $10,000!
If your airfare and hotel do not add up to $10,000, you keep the difference to spend on your trip!
(And you get 5 extra days of PTO to take the trip!)


Nominations can be submitted by Exacta, Windrose or Landmark associates. Clients and business partners can nominate associates as well.

Nominations can be submitted by filling out this form or emailed to

Email’s should include:

  • Nominee’s Name
  • Detailed explanation of your nominee’s class service
  • The date your nominee went above and beyond
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