Software Integration / Starbox

Exacta works hard to be an integral part of your real estate transaction team, and we do everything in our power to add value to your process at our own expense.

A few of our clients still fax in order forms and a few more will simply send an email to with the information necessary for us to create an order for them in STARS.  However we receive the order, we are grateful for the opportunity to survey for our clients.  Even though we receive orders in a large variety of ways, the vast majority of our clients log into their account at in order to place, track and retrieve their surveys.

Since many of the closing software programs are now integrating to online server platforms, it is a natural fit to create a direct link with STARS so our clients can click a few buttons and transfer all of the information in their system directly into STARS without having to retype or re-key anything.

Today, STARS has created an integration with the following closing software systems:

If you use any of these closing software systems, please email so that we can help make the ordering process even easier.

We also have begun talks with:

If you use any of the above closing software systems and desire a link with STARS, please email your closing software provider to let them know that you would appreciate a link with to make their service an even greater value to you.  If you do, or if you use any other closing software not listed above, please email scott@exactaland,com, and we will be sure to follow up with your software provider until it gets done.



For everyone who we cannot create a link between our two systems, we created STARBOX.

Ordering in STARS just got easier with STARSBOX.  Simply drag and drop any document asscoiated with this specific property (Title Commitment, Property Appraisers Page, last recorded deed, anything) into the STARBOX  and fill out your file number and your due date and let Exacta take care of the rest.  When using STARBOX, Exacta will research and retype the order, so it is incredibly important that our clients using STARBOX make sure to carefully read their confirmation emails to ensure that all of the information associated with their order is accurate.

If you would like to use STARBOX to place your orders, please contact your marketer or email