Builder’s Services, Construction Surveys and Permit Surveys

When building a new home, there are a handful of basic steps which differ slightly by local governing body or even home owners associations.  No two permitting offices are the same and no two inspectors are the same.  Often what is more than enough for one permit officer to sign off on a project is not near enough for another.  No matter the details that might be needed or the format that each government agency needs to see them, most governing bodies have more or less the same set of procedures to ensure new homes are built to code.  Some steps might be a little more important or more detailed in one area, and may be completely omitted in another.
Below is a list of steps and the basic starting prices for each step.  We can only perform the subsequent steps if we performed the Boundary Survey in the very beginning.  These prices are based on a cleared standard lot, less than an acre in size, with a standard home design, in a subdivision that was recorded in the last 65 years and where the last transfer was within the last 65 years. If the property or designed home does not meet this standard criteria, it may be subject to additional pricing.

  • Boundary Survey - see starting prices by county
  • Boundary Survey With Topography - add $125 to starting boundary survey prices
  • Topographic Survey added to previous boundary survey - $175
  • Site Plan and Building Stakeout - $250
  • Form Board Survey - $150
  • Foundation Location/ Spot Survey - $150
  • Elevation Certificate Under Construction - $50
  • Tie-Beam Survey - $150
  • Finished Survey - $175
  • Finished Elevation Certificate - $75
  • Trip Charge - $50
First, the builder will need a boundary survey of the property that is being purchased.  It is always best to inform the survey company that it is your intention to build on that property so they might combine trips and save some their time and your money.  Next there will be a topographical survey or a topo to show the elevations of the parcel at different intervals.  Based upon the boundary survey, the zoning setbacks and the topo, the architect and engineer will decide on a site plan.  When the plan has been finalized, it will be sent to the surveyor to draw the "Site Plan" onto the existing survey.  After approved, the construction company will ask the survey company to stake out the concrete pad.  Occasionally, after the form boards are set, counties will require a "Form Board Survey" to show the location of the form boards and therefore the proposed location and elevations of the concrete pad.  Once the concrete is poured, most municipalities will require a "Foundation Location Survey", commonly called a "Spot Survey".  Often, at this point the surveyor will need to furnish an Elevation Certificate "under construction".  Sometimes, surveyors are asked to provide a "Tie-Beam Survey" to be viewed during the inspection of Masonry walls to ensure that they were completed with steel reinforcement with proper overlapping and support.  Almost always, the last step to this process is a Final Survey to be used to obtain a certificate of occupancy.  Exacta provides any and all of the Builders Services above for single and multi-lot construction.  Occasionally there are other steps that are not listed or priced above and those services are priced according to their difficulty.  If Exacta is asked to go back to a property because of a change in site plan, an accidental removal of our stakes, or even to add something that was not clearly communicated on our first trip to perform that function, then Exacta will charge a $50 trip charge.  As always, good communication between the architect, engineer, builder and surveyor is the key to any successful building project.