Licensed Survey Vendor Network

Every day, we have wonderful Florida Professional Land Surveyors who send us their resumes looking to join our team. Unfortunately at this point, we don't have enough crews to add more professionals to our team.  At the same time, there are multiple occasions when we might receive more residential survey orders than our Exacta team might be able to complete in a given area in a given day.

So, when we married the problem of needing to complete a few extra surveys in a certain area with the abundance of capable licensed and insured land surveyors who could use some extra work, we created the Florida Licensed and Insured Land Surveyor Vendor Network. Exacta will only work with licensed and insured land surveyors or land survey companies who find or set every corner.  Further, we will only work with surveyors who sincerely desire to exceed our clients' expectations in every way. There is no risk or obligation to joining the network, and Exacta PAYS EVERY VENDOR, FOR EVERY COMPLETED SURVEY, THE NEXT DAY!

The system is pretty simple...the land surveyor logs into STARS and sees a map of the extra work that we have available in their area.  Each job already has the plat, the last recorded deed and the property appraiser page uploaded into the documents list.  The Professional Land Surveyor can chose to "buy now" that survey job for the low "buy now" price, or they can chose to bid on the job for a greater price.  When the Professional Land Surveyor uploads their completed survey, it gets loaded onto our template complete with that surveyor's general surveyor's notes and their personalized legend.  The remainder of the survey is in the format that our clients have become accustomed.  Once that survey is sent to the client, that job goes onto a list that is paid daily at 3pm EST via ACH Deposit.

The land surveyors who appreciate the being a part of the vendor network might be folks who don't like to spend time and money marketing their services, or perhaps they don't like to spend the time and money tracking down payments for their services. Some Professional Land Surveyors have trouble keeping their crews busy between big jobs and some licensed surveyors try to perform a few extra surveys in their neighborhood over the weekend to save some extra money to go on vacation one day.  Whatever the reasons, it seems to be a perfect fit for a certain group of land surveyors, and a tremendous asset to Exacta and our clients.

Exacta is NOT a vendor manager.  We are a licensed land survey company with at least five full time Professional Land Surveyors on staff who are constantly trying to find solutions to age old problems in the real estate industry through technology.  Only because we invested so much time and money into STARS, were we ever able create our licensed and insured vendor network.
There have been a few surveyors who have expressed concerns about Exacta having other licensed and insured land surveyors perform work for our clients.  It is interesting that those same surveyors don't seem to have any issues when a big survey company sub-contracts out multiple parts of a bridge, a Right-Of-Way Map, or a giant development to the lowest bidders.

Ultimately, when the situations are right for both parties, it can be a great solution for both sized projects as long as it is managed properly. If you are a Professional Land Surveyor who is looking to pick up some extra work form time to time, please fill out the form below and one of our customer service representatives will be glad to help you get set up to start bidding on residential boundary surveys today.

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