About Exacta Lien Search

Exacta Lien Search Inc. is a separate company located in Bradenton, FL.  After being constantly asked if we were interested in building a team that could perform beautiful Lien Search Reports with the same service that our clients have become accustomed, we opened our doors in June of 2014.

Today, our clients are able to order Lien Search Reports directly from surveystars.com using the same Username and Password that they use to order land surveys.   Lien Search Reports are delivered with the same efficiency and with the same digital signature as our surveys.  Our clients can track, communicate and archive all of their lien searches just like they can with land surveys and all in one place.

Our clients love the fact that they can order a land survey, then on the next screen push a button to have all of the same information copied into a Lien Search order. Exacta never charges any soft costs associated with Lien Search Reports when any deals fall through.  It is our pleasure to put in the time and effort on a few that will not make it to the closing table, and we appreciate our clients collecting the hard costs on our behalf in these rare situations.

Many of the major municipalities and courthouses have standard hard prices and turnaround times so we were able to input those standards into a database so they can be found and viewed by our clients by searching this website or by placing an order in STARS where it will immediately appear.

Many clients have expressed concern over placing the Survey and Elevation Certificate Order together at the same time so early in the process at the time when they would need to order the Lien Search.  Simply, they are afraid of the file cancelling and someone getting stuck paying for a survey that no one needs.  So, in response to that real concern, we developed a program where we are willing to contact the Selling Agent on behalf of our client (the real estate agent representing the Buyer.)   In doing so, we are able to learn if the property has appraised, if it has passed inspections and if the buyer is proceeding with the scheduled closing date.  Once we are connected with the Selling Agent, we can remove our client's libIn these cases, we will proceed with the land survey in conjunction with the buyer's time frame and needs, thereby eliminating cancellations.