Exacta Green

Exacta was green before green was green!  In 2006 when it was incredibly in vogue to drive big survey trucks to each job site, we traded out our truck fleet for a fuel efficient vehicle fleet.  With the economic downturn coming that same year, it turned out that our desire to reduce our carbon footprint also turned out to be a good investment.  Our ability to get to jobs without spending so much on fuel, helped us keep our costs down through some very difficult market conditions.

Also in 2006, we invested in additional monitors and upgraded graphics cards for our computers with the idea that our office teams could stop printing so much paper.   Up to that point, our team used field-books in the field made copies of them in order to put them into paper folders with paper copies of the plat, the property appraiser information, the deed, adjoining plats, adjoining deeds, and so much more.  Some survey files could contain as many as fifty sheets of paper.  Our licensed surveyors in responsible charge and our survey technicians stopped printing paper files and started looking at the information on the extra computer monitor. As you can imagine, it was not an easy transition.  No one had ever worked without paper before, and some seemed comforted by having the paper in their hands, but after a difficult few weeks of learning how to open and view files on separate monitors, our team quickly embraced the concept,and since that time we have saved a ton of trees.

Now, it seems that more and more aspects of the real estate industry are trying to go paperless.  We are happy to work with clients however it is best for them and their clients, but we are always grateful when anyone attempts to make the difficult transition to paperless.