Field Crew Technology

Exacta's full time field crews are equipped with the most up to date survey instruments, tools and training.  Each crew has a GPS rover connected to the L-NET (a RTK - Real Time Kinematic Network).  They also carry a prism-less total station survey instrument, and a survey calculator called a data collector.  These tools enable our field teams to geographically locate survey monuments on or near each property and capture their mathematical relationship to each other.
Each crew also carries a smartphone, an internet connection device and a laptop or tablet.  They use these devices to stay connected in real time with their surveyor in responsible charge and the rest of the team in the office.  The crews can download research or calculations immediately and upload the coordinates of their found monuments instantly.  Along with field pictures and video calls while on job sites, each field crew is able to present data and evidence to their surveyor in responsible charge like never before.Exacta created an APP named FIELDSTAR to enable our field crews to upload files, pictures and data into the proper job in the STARS database in real time. (Survey Tracking and Retrieval System.  See the SURVEYSTARS tab for more details about all of the technological advances created with the creation and implementation of the STARS system.) With the creation of STARS, Exacta began emailing PDF versions of our surveys to clients using a SHA-1 encryption which is fully compliant with the digital signature requirements in the Florida Statutes.