STARS or Survey Tracking and Retrieval System is the industry leading business and operations management software to enhance and streamline the entire survey process. STARS specifically adds value to the real estate industry for the multi-order survey consumers.  Further, with the reporting and mapping features in STARS, the database demands excellence.  When any survey company is using STARS, it is easy to see where they must improve to become a better partner in the success of their clients. With STARS our clients
  • Securely place survey orders online directly into the survey database
  • Track survey status directly from our database in real time—from research, field, drafting and approval.
  • Retrieve all past survey orders placed from the archived database
  • Easily find statements of open accounts payable
  • Receive email confirmation of order placement with a specific price and turnaround time frame
  • Receive a SHA-1 digitally signed PDF copy of final survey the instant that the survey is completed
  • Log all communications directly into the survey file with each correspondence
  • Save their logo into their profile so it is automatically inserted onto each survey
  • Choose a real estate agent or lender for our graphics department to create and insert a logo onto the survey
  • Communicate the requirements of our mutual clients so our entire team is dialed in to how to surpass everyone's expectations before, during and after the closing.
Because of STARS is an online database with amazing flexibility and functionality, a variety of closing softwares are already integrated with STARS through an API or other integrated data links.  In those instances, our clients don't even have to leave their closing software platform in order to create an order in STARS with just a few mouse clicks.  Beyond the list of integrated closing softwares, as long as we can find a willing partner on the other side, Exacta and STARS can be integrated with just about any real estate industry database software.  For the title closer, title processor or any other real estate professional, placing survey orders with one-click from within your current closing software is absolutely a reality of today. All relevant data is merged into the STARS database—no additional keystrokes, no additional time.  Please reach out to your Customer Service Representative if your closing software platform is not integrated with STARS.  We will do everything on our side to help make that a reality for you.