The Exacta Difference

Exacta Land Surveyors, Inc. specializes in residential boundary surveys for the real estate transaction industry.  We consider our land surveying product and service to be a critical part of every real estate transaction, and we are committed to being a valuable partner with our clients in that process.

Beyond Title Companies, Lenders, Lawyers and Real Estate Agents, we provide land survey services for Florida Home Owners in need of permits, Developers in need of construction services, or Investors in need of almost any type of Commercial, Special Purpose or ALTA/ACSM surveys.

Exacta employs a team of more than five full time Professional Licensed Surveyors geographically spread out all over Florida for easy access to the entire State. Further, it is important to know that every one of Exacta’s field crews is a full time employee under the direct responsible charge of one of our Licensed Professionals.

Our professionals and field crews work together with our dedicated full time drafting team, our tremendous customer service team, our proficient and fun marketing team, our thorough research department, and diligent accounting, administration and management teams.  At every level of our process, you will find friendly individuals dedicated to making your product and service better.

In addition to our amazing team of full time employees, Exacta has assembled a network of fully insured Licensed Professionals and Licensed Survey Businesses that give us tremendous dexterity and flexibility while trying to deliver within critical time-frames and striving to surpass expectations.

All together, we are consistently innovating our process, our communication, our training, our survey and database technology, and our end product to create the most beautiful survey and the most value added service available in the land surveying industry anywhere in Florida.

It is our mission to make the world a better place, one survey at a time.